Community Farmers Kitchen

Yes, you can help feed and teach the hungry-

First Congregational Church UCC’s Community Farmers Kitchen Mission:

One of the challenges for small farmers and gardeners alike is what to do with a big crop and a short harvest season.  Without a way to sell all of their time sensitive produce, or store or process it, much of the crop is lost or wasted.

Food pantries will not take much if any fresh produce, and can’t accept home canned or processed foods even as a donation.

With the “haves” having too much, and the “have nots” often going hungry, our church processing kitchen mission was born.

Now using our recently attained Wisconsin Food Processing Plant License, these extras can be turned into great healthy food, stored into the winter season, given to those in need, and we can be an encouraging source of information for all to raise and eat more of their own raised and local foods.

When operating the kitchen under our license requirements, products can be made and sold wholesale or retail, here in Sheboygan, or across the country.  Kitchen users must abide by a strict set of restrictions and procedures, provide or pay for all of their own ingredients and packaging supplies, and work under our supervision.  For those making product for sale, we ask that 5 to 10% of the finished product be donated to any local charity.  We also are able to work with donated raw materials, and our minimum wage team does the processing, typically donating 25% of the output to food pantries, and with anticipation of selling the remainder during the off season, creating a sustainable operation.

Year round we look to volunteers to assist in the kitchen with trimming, cutting, peeling, and prepping fruit and vegetables for processing.  Your hands can help save food and feed the hungry, please call for our schedule and more details!

If you would like to help or would like more information, please contact Chris Kuehnel, Licensed Kitchen Supervisor, thru Suzy in the church office at 920.457.4818 or