G.R.O.W. – Gardening Reshapes Our World

Our Mission Statement:

The GROW mission is to educate and demonstrate urban gardening techniques and to provide quality food for our greater community.

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Back in spring of 2010, the GROW team started with these initial goals:

  • Short term:
    • Build a small hoophouse at FCC
    • Use raised beds at FCC
    • Small scale demonstration of extended season gardening suitable to Sheboygan
    • Search out mechanisms for distribution of our food products
      • to church members and volunteers through sales with donation pricing (based on ability to pay)
      • to needy community members identified by social services or others with whom we can “follow our food” and identify cultural, economic, or skill sets that we can enhance or learn from
    • Participate in the farmers market primarily to show extended season capabilities and talk about our programming with other vendors and customers
  • Medium term:
    • Teach cooking and preserving skills, both home kitchen and commercial prep
    • Teach urban gardening principals through volunteering and small group classes
    • Create garden spaces in other neighborhoods, with hoop houses or appropriate technology
  • Long term:
    • Promote neighborhood gardens throughout our community
    • Provide nourishment to those in need, expand distribution and processing
    • Involve youth and schools in our programming


For more info, contact Chris Kuehnel thru the church office.

Here are some photos of the GROW team’s work in the Sheboygan area