Audio from Worship Services (for downloading)

9/22/19 - The choir sang “Balm in Gilead” and Pastor Jim preached on “Tears” (Jer. 8:18-9:1 and John 11:30-36)

9/21/19 - Funeral Service for Lisa Biemann at FCC.

9/15/19 - The choir sang “Create in Me” and Pastor Julia preached on “Holy Envy”

9/8/19 Rally Sunday. The choir sang “Alleluia” (Andrew Miller) and Pastor Jim preached on “Counting the Cost of Discipleship.

6/30/19 - Pastor Jim’s sermon was a report on the UCC General Synod event in Milwaukee the prior week that included a protest march on local I.C.E. offices. Special music was offered by Michael Winkler, trumpeter (here’s a sample)..

6/23/19 - Pastor Julia preached on “Living in the Tombs” and Mary Klein played guitar and sang “You Are Mine.”

6/16/19 Trinity Sunday (and Father’s Day) - Pastor Jim spoke on “Trinity: Past, Present, & Future” (based on an essay by Michael Dowd). A men’s choir sang “God is Love.”

6/9/19 GRADUATION SUNDAY - Three graduates spoke about what the church has meant to them. The choir sang “Ten Thousand Reasons,” and Olivia Goins played the piano (“Mapleleaf Rag”).

6/2/19 - Pastor Julia preached on “Breaking Chains” and we enjoyed music by Ann Berchem and friends: “Wade in the Water” and “To The Light.”

5/26/19 - Music guests “Vox” (Marie Hetzel, Brittany Savaglio, & Stephanie Stowers) sang 4 songs. Check out their music at

5/19/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “The Trouble with Distinctions” (based on Acts 11:1-18). Special music included Evan Vorpahl singing “O Del Mio Amato Ben” and the Choir singing a benediction called “Gaelic Blessing.” (the audio on the handbell anthem, “Blessed Assurance,” did not come out well enough to upload).

5/12/19 Mother’s Day - The children sang “Mother’s Love” and the Choir sang “Unbroken Praise.” Pastor Jim preached on “In the Room Where It Happens” based on the story of Peter raising Tabitha (Dorcas) from death (Acts 9:36-43)

5/5/19 - Pastor Julia preached on “Feed My Sheep” (Jn. 21:1-19).

4/28/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “Vulnerability & Strength” as part of “Break the Silence” Sunday. A vocal ensemble sang “We Have Come” by Christopher Grundy.

4/21/19 Easter Sunday - Pastor Jim preached on “Courage” (here’s the 10:30 sermon). The choir sang “Alleluia, Christ is Risen” (by Jon Paige).

4/14/19 Palm Sunday - The Choir sang “Hosanna” (by Jeff Britton) and Pastor Julia preached (“And so Holyi Week Begins…”)

4/7/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “Heaven” and we enjoyed hearing a vocal trio sing “All Belong Here” (by The Many).

3/31/19 - Julia’s sermon was in the form of a dialogue (with Martha Schott) based on writing of Macrina Wiederkehr on the Beatitudes. Evan Chancellor (band dir. at Lakeland Univ.) offered lovely music on the French horn (with Bill Born on piano): link to his first piece, and link to offertory.

3/17/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “Hell” (with focus mostly on this life, not the next). The Choir sang “The Lord is My Strength” (by Joel Raney). The handbell choir was lovely but the recording isn’t available.

3/10/19 - We heard the story from Luke of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness; the choir sang “On Eagles’ Wings” and Pastor Jim preached on “Who Tells Us Who We Are?”

3/3/19 - Pastor Julia preached on the Transfiguration (Jesus on the mountaintop).

2/24/19 - Handbells played a lovely piece. Pastor Jim preached a follow-up to last Sunday’s sermon called “Perception & Belief” (with credit to the late Roger Shinn, ethicist and prof. at Union Seminary).

2/17/19 - Choir sang “Blessed Be” (lyrics by Lori D. and music by Jeff Britton). Pastor Jim preached a sermon on Science & Religion (for “Evolution Sunday,” albeit a week after).

2/10/19 - Pastor Julia preached on “Going Deep.” It is here in two parts (with time for conversation in between). Part 1 and Part 2

2/3/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “God Outside Our Walls.” The Choir sang “Treasured Three: Faith, Hope & Love” (based on 1 Cor. 13).

1/27/19 - Annual Meeting Sunday. No sermon. The choir sang a lovely piece, “Holy, Holy, Holy”

1/20/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “Healing Grace Event” using materials from theologian Gene Marshall’s “Radical Gifts.”

1/13/19 - The Choir sang “Go, Tell It On The Mountain”

1/13/19 - Pastor Jim preached on “The Downs & Ups of Life in the Spirit,” drawing on the work of theologian Gene Marshall (author of “Radical Gifts”).

1/6/19 (Epiphany) - Pastor Julia preached on “Where is the Child?”

12/30/18 - First Sunday after Christmas with Rev. Dan Borchers, guest preacher, and trumpet duet (“Majesty”) by Darren O and Natasha T.

12/24/18 Christmas Eve 9pm sermon by Pastor Jim

12/24/18 Christmas Eve 9pm - “Still, Still, Still” (Huneke & Biemann, instrumentalists)

12/9/18 2nd Sunday of Advent - Pastor Jim preached on “Advance Man” (John the Baptizer in LUke 3).

12/2/18 1st Sunday of Advent - Pastor Julia preached on “When You See These Things.” Special Music: Handbell Choir.

11/25/18 - Pastor Jim preached on “The Kingdom of God.” Special Music: Leo Viglietti played a flute sonata.

11/21/18 - Thanksgiving Eve Service: Pastor Julia preached and the Choir sang.

11/18/18 - Pastor Jim preached on “This Too Shall Pass.” The Choir sang and the Handbells played :)

11/11/18 - Pastor Julia preached for Stewardship Sunday on “Seeing the Widow” (Mk. 12:38-44).

11/11/18 - Todd Berchem gave a Stewardship & Mission Moment focusing on our Time & Talent forms.

11/4/18 - Pastor Jim preached on “All Saints Sunday” about what it means to be a saint.

11/4/18 - Council member John Donovan spoke about our budget and how our invested funds provide about 25% of the revenue.

11/4/18 - The Choir sang a trad. Cameroon melody, “Praise, Praise, Praise”

10/28/18 - The Choir sang “Taste & See” on Reformation Sunday

10/28/18 - Council member Natasha Torry spoke about stewardship and shared her testimony!

10/28/18 - Rev. Rachel Hacker, ELCA minister, was our guest preacher on Reformation Sunday.

10/21/18 - Pastor Jim preached on using our spiritual gifts

10/21/18 - The choir sang “Bless the Lord, O My Soul”

10/14/18 - Pastor Jim preached a sermon for “Access Sunday” (raising up those with disabilities as a vital part of the body of Christ).

10/07/18 - Pastor Julia preached a communion message entitled, “Created for Community,” based on the 2nd creation story in Genesis.

9/30/18 - The choir sang “The Meditations of My Heart” (Elaine Hagenberg).

9/30/18 - The Handbell Choir started our worship with “A Joyful Alleluia” (by Cynthia Dobrinski)

9/30/18 - Pastor Jim preached on “Leadership in Trying Times” based on Numbers 11 and Mark 9:38-41.

9/23/18 - Member Lisa Vihos speaks about the Llilongwe Reading Garden in Malawi

9/23/18 - Member Cate Bayles speaks about her work with Bookworm Gardens

9/23/18 - Member Brian Christensen speaks about his work with Habitat for Humanity

92/23/18 - Member Lisa Koepsell speaks about her work with Mental Health America.

9/23/18 - Member Jane Nauschultz speaks about her work with Fresh Meals on Wheels of Sheb. Co.

9/28/18 - Member Ann Berchem and friends sang a medley based on “What a Wonderful World”

9/16/18 - Sorry to report: the SD card on the recording device was full so we didn’t get Pastor Julia’s wonderful sermon or the choir’s wonderful anthem.

 9/9/18 - Sermon by Pastor Jim on "Becoming Opened" based on Mark 7:24-37 (healing daughter of Syro-Phoenician mother) and James 2:1-10, 14-17.

9/2/18 - Sermon by Pastor Jim on "Self-Understanding Leads to Ministry" based on Mark 7:1-23 (excerpts) and James 1:19-27.

 8/26/18 - Sermon by Pastor Julia on "Eating the Bread of Life" based on John 6:56-69

8/19/18 - Sermon by Pastor Jim on "Wisdom (Re)Quest" based on 1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14, Matthew 11:28-30 and Proverbs 9:1-6

Monday, June 24, 2018 - 7 p.m. Presentation by Michael Dowd on "Faithful to the Future" - recording is in 3 parts: Dowd-part1; Dowd-part2; Dowd-part3 (Q&A).

Sunday, June 24, 2018 Sermon - Michael Dowd on "EcoTheism" - Part 1 and Part 2.

June 17, 2018 Sermon - Pastor Jim (Father's Day) on the Parable of the Seed Growing Secretly

June 10, 2018 Sermon - Pastor Julia ("Where Are You")

May 27, 2018 Sermon - Pastor Jim ("Nic's Noetic Night")

May 20, 2018 (Pentecost) Sermon - Pastor Julia ("Unity in Diversity")

May 20, 2018 Handbell anthem