Our Vision + Values



First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 

As an open and spiritually diverse Christian community, we exist to empower our members to give evidence of their faith through their daily lives.

We are a serving community, committed to the teachings of Jesus and their expression through our life vocations.

We are a nurturing community, committed to the Christian education and loving development of children and youth.

We are a healing community, ministering to each other and addressing the needs of the larger community beyond our membership.

We are a learning community, expanding our understanding of our faith even as we transmit that faith to our children.

We are an affirming community, lifting up the talents and efforts of others while strengthening our individual gifts from God.

We are a celebrating community, grateful for all that we have and sharing our joy through collective worship and common work.

We are a caring community, modeling love and demanding justice wherever they are needed.

We are a conserving community, accepting all of God's creations as worthy of our care.

We believe that all persons are children of God and we invite all who are in accord with our vision to join our family of faith.