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Congregation Care

  We are a healing community.  

  We minister to each other, addressing the needs of our membership and beyond.  


All prayer requests and comments go directly to our pastors and remain private unless otherwise requested. Submit prayer requests & comments here.


FCC members provide support and hospitality following the death of a loved one.  The Sanctuary and Evans Chapel are available for those who would like to have a memorial service or funeral at FCC, and Pastors Jim and Julia work with family on service details. The Deacons can also provide hospitality during visitation or a light reception in the Church Lounge or Lucas Hall following the service. The Deacons also send out a four pamphlet series "Journeying through Grief" following the loss of a loved one. 


The Deacons and Pastors provide support to those who are no longer able to attend worship on a regular basis. The Deacons send "thinking of you" cards to many of those who are in need of special support. Are you or a loved one in need of support? Let us know.


We Welcome Your Support!

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