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Creation Care

  We are a conserving community.  

  We accept all of God's creations as worthy of our care.  


The Creation Care Team, under the leadership of Geralyn Leannah, is now receiving household plastic bags! Plastics must be clean, dry, and free of food and organic residue. There are white "Recycle Beyond the Bag" containers located outside two FCC entrance doors: the north alleyway door and the Bluff Ave Courtyard door. Geralyn will be managing the recycling project each month by weighing the plastic and then delivering it to a larger recycling location. The more plastic we collect, the more benches we receive! We have now received FOUR plastic benches - two are outside (a rainbow bench near Eden's Bluff Garden and a purple bench in memory of Elli Westfall on the east lawn) and two are inside (a green bench right inside the north alley entrance and another green one in Lucas Hall along the south wall). To learn more go to


The GROW mission is to educate and demonstrate urban gardening techniques and to provide quality food for the greater Sheboygan community.


The Eden's Bluff church garden provides opportunities for garden education as well as a rich harvest of vegetables. Sunday School classes and Pilgrim Preschool learners also utilize the space in their curriculum.

There are many opportunities to get involved with the GROW Ministry. Volunteers can help to plan, plant, weed, and harvest the Eden's Bluff Garden or become involved in our kitchen. Contact Chris Kuehnel, GROW Coordinator, to learn more.


Did you know that FCC has solar panels on our roof? Installed in 2011, these panels provide clean energy for our building! Learn more about the energy that is generated and used here.

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Throughout the church, you'll find bins that accept bio-plastics, compostable cups and other compostable items, as well as, of course, organic items like food scraps.


Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning 'the right, critical, or opportune moment.' In modern Greek, kairos also means 'weather' or 'time.' Using this significant word for a climate action plan, the UCC created a ten-year action plan to inspire and guide faithful action in response to global climate change. Our Creation Care Team has adopted this plan. Here is our statement.

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At FCC, we are cutting back dramatically on fertilizing our church lawn. We are making a gradual transition to a more organic lawn as we study the subject and learn about available options. Join us in doing the same!

We Welcome Your Support!

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